Festive 2021 (Limited Time Only)

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*Limited-Time Deal* Yeongyang Booster Set

Yeongyang all the way!

Our 3 master boosters – COLLAGEN, IMMUNITY & ENERGISER – are packed in this set for a health-ful jolly fun this year-end. Are you ready for a “Health is Wealth” festivity?

1x Kkori Gomtang, 1x Cheesy Ginsing Chicken Hot Pot, 1x Washugyu Striploi Hot Plate & 2x Hibiscus Berries Mint Tea


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Kkori Gomtang (Oxtail Hot Pot)

Nourishing and comforting – Your personal pot of COLLAGEN SUPERFOOD that melts in every sip with an adventurous twist, tender-chewy bits simmered in a hearty, balanced yet deeply flavored soup.

Limited to 10 portions daily


Cheesy Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot_Sq-800x800

Cheesy Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot

A trendy punch to the traditional. A golden blend of appetising cheese and all-time immunity booster champion, this Cheesy Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot is a sure appetising surprise!


Washugyu Striploin Hot Plate_Sq-800x800

Washugyu Striploin Hot Plate

Harmoniously marbled with tenderness, this sizzling plate of Washugyu Striploin (MBS 9) will surprise you with a flavorful umami juiciness!


Hibiscus Berry Mint Tea_Sq-800x800

Hibiscus Berries Mint Tea

Glowing with antioxidants and berry-flavored refreshing notes, this glass of blood-pressure stabilizer has breezed its way through a fruity, minty lite-tropics.